Continuous Learning

Plainview MS Continuous Learning Plan Guide (4-2-2020)

This guide is intended to provide some direction and a general overview of expectations during our time of distance learning.  Our goal is to maintain academic rigor while providing a sense of stability to our students and their families.  We will continue to support our students in every way possible during this unprecedented event. 


A week's worth of daily assignments will be posted (Edmodo, Google Classroom, etc.) by 9AM each Monday with the expectation each week's work is due the following Monday at 8AM. 


Week #1 – Assignments Posted to Edmodo April 6th @ 9:00AM due Monday, April 13th @ 8:00AM

Week #2 – Assignments Posted to Edmodo April 13th @ 9:00AM due Monday, April 20th @ 8:00AM

Week #3 – Assignments Posted to Edmodo April 20th @ 9:00AM due Monday, April 27th @ 8:00AM

Week #4 – Assignments Posted to Edmodo April 27th @ 9:00AM due Monday, May 4th @ 8:00AM

Week #5 – Assignments Posted to Edmodo May 4th @ 9:00AM due Monday, May 11th @ 8:00AM

Week #6 – Assignments Posted to Edmodo May 11th @ 9:00AM due Monday, May 18th @ 8:00AM

Week #7 – Assignments Posted to Edmodo May 18th @ 9:00AM due Friday, May 22nd @ 8:00AM



Academic expectations and integrity remain in force.  Students should upload completed assignments no later than the following Monday by 8:00 am. Grades will be entered into WenGage each Wednesday from the previous week’s assignments.



Teachers will have a daily office hour to assist students and help with any problems that may arise.  Office hours will be held in a virtual platform.  Office times should be used for tutoring, teacher availability, parent questions, etc.  This may include but is not limited to: Edmodo, Zoom, Google Classroom, email, etc.  


Office Hours for Teachers:                 Math and Science Teachers – Monday-Friday (9:00 AM – 10:00 AM)

Reading and Language Arts Teachers – Monday-Friday (10:00 AM – 11:00 AM)

History/Geography and Elective Teachers – Monday-Friday (11:00 AM – 12:00 PM)



Zoom Connects are not intended to teach lessons.  It is a time to connect with students, sustain communication and answer questions regarding a lesson from the week.  This time is not required for students to attend. Teachers will provide a private link for students to join their Zoom Connect.

Zoom Connects:                   Monday-Thursday               12:00 - 12:30        Math and Science

                                                Monday-Thursday                12:30 - 1:00          Reading and Language Arts

                                                Monday-Thursday                1:00 - 1:30            History, Geography, FACS, PE

                                                Monday-Thursday                1:30 - 2:00            Electives (Band, Choir, Art, Computer App., etc.)



MS Office              580-223-5877

Principal                 Tim Parham -

Secretary               Sarah Gauwitz -

Counselors            Cynthia Hamilton -

Edmodo Help        Betsy Cowie -             

*** Special Education questions will be handled by the Special Education Dept.      

         Terri Ogden     or          Brook Vernon


***If you have a technology need, please contact us for support.



“We stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow our way, we adjusted our sails.” - Unknown

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