Plainview Foundation

The Plainview Public Schools Foundation

In 1993, The Plainview Foundation was started by a comprised group of men and women associated, and concerned with, the betterment of Plainview Schools. These Board members made a commitment to start fundraising efforts to provide monies to supplement educational needs for all students; monies which were unavailable in the course of normal school funding. 
Board meetings not only consist of Board members but the Superintendent, a faculty representative, as well as a School Board representative, to give input as to what they feel would best benefit our school. We work collectively to support the growth and educational opportunities of hundreds of school children.   To make our school the educational facility we desire it to be, additional monies are still necessary for extra activities, speakers, and field trips which we believe will be beneficial and help our children grow.  It is also the Board’s desire to grant our teachers additional opportunities to facilitate the best learning opportunities for the children they teach. 
The Foundation Board has, and will continue, to encourage Plainview teachers and administrators to bring creative, innovative ideas for Board consideration. In doing so, some of the past programs Plainview foundation has helped fund include: Anti-Violence Peace Day, Drug Prevention Workshop, Tiles Tell A Story, Outdoor Classroom/Greenhouse, Alphabetic Phonics materials, Project Wisdom, Character Education, Environmental Waste Management Field Productive System, Landscape Learning, Computer Software, Educational Field Trips, Arranged Teacher Education with the Educational Development Instructional team through Cornerstone, Teacher of the Year and Discovery Club.   
The Plainview Foundation
Board of Directors
Bill Moore, President
Wendy Craddock, Treasurer
Shelia Sheaman, Secretary
Dale Archer
Jon Barnes
Kori Casey
Wayne Enyart
Mika Gerken
Alice Litteken
Chic Sale
Pam Wallace